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I thank you for visiting our own www.Carolinahoney.com, where we sell only Raw Local Honey from the Northern Piedmont and foothills of North Carolina.

Our Spring Wildflower honey is now for sale here:

We produce only strained raw honey never heated and never filtered from each of our own beeyards in Caswell, Rockingham, Stokes, Guilford,  Surry, and Forsyth Counties of North Carolina. We do not treat our honeybees with chemicals nor do we add any supplements or high fructose corn syrup. Our prices and shipping instructions are below as well as where our honey may be locally purchased

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Chuck Norton

Norton's Honey Farm
330 Irvin Street
Reidsville, NC 27320

PHONE: 336-520-1097


Our  2017 SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY is currently available and it is truly a great tasting honey which is a medium amber in color having a spicy fruity flavor high in antioxidants! The two major honeys this year in our 2017 SPRING WILDFLOWER HONEY are  Tulip Poplar, a dark redish highly flavored and spicy honey and Blackberry Honey known for it is a light yellow smooth yet tangy taste. with many additional spring varieties including black locust, persimmon, black gum, clovers, and.

Pricing is listed below for our 2017 Spring Wildflower Honey in plastic and glass jars is now available. S&H must be added to all orders.

2017 Spring Wildflower Honey in Plastic Jars:

  8 ounce jar, $4.50 each (Yellow Flip top only)

  16 ounce jar, $8.50 each (Mini-Bee or Yellow Flip top)

  24 ounce jar, $12.00 each (Yellow Flip top only)

2017 Spring Wildflower Honey in Glass Jars:

  8 ounce jar, $4.95 each

  16 ounce jar, $9.15 each

  22 ounce jar (Pint), $12.95 each

  44 ounce jar (Quart), $18.99 each

For more information on our Spring Honey or  our Sourwood Honey please visit:

http://www.ncagr.gov/ncproducts/ShowSite.asp?ID=2111 ( NC Department of Agriculture's Website)

http://springhoney.com (pending revisions)

http://tulippoplarhoney.com (pending revisions)

http://www.blackberryhoney.com (pending revisions)

or for a local store:

Big Apple Farm Supply Sourwood Honey packed in pints.

Southern States, US 29 Business south of Reidsville just about 100 yards north of the Haw River Bridge. Sourwood Honey in Glass and Plastic Containers

Sadie's of Stokesdale 8406 US HWY 158 in downtown Stokesdale, NC.

A&S Natural Health at 1559 Hanes Mall Blvd. in Winston Salem, NC Currently they also are waiting for our Spring honey that should be ready on the shelf by the 21st of June.

We are also looking to sell our honey at other fine stores and shops.


 Note:  All of us are looking forward to the Sourwood Honey Crop but with the fickle sourwood there are no guarantees.



Our hybrid VSH/Carolina Survivor Honeybees are currently working hard in Sourwood Country

For more information on sourwood honey please visit http://www.sourwoodhoney.com  as we will try to give updates this year on the honey flow. If we have a crop we will post our adjusted Sourwood Honey prices by August 1st.


S&H Prices Effective June 1, 2017:

All products are shipped via USPS Priority Mail. Shipping & Handling is based on net weight, the weight of the HONEY or the BEESWAX that you purchase, not the total weight of the shipment. The cost is $6.95 for the first pound (16 ounces) and the second pound ships free! over 32 ounces please add $2.95 for each additional pound up to and including 4 pounds. For product weight over 4 pounds please add $1.95 per pound thereafter; and, for special orders over a weight of 6 pounds please email or text me for reduced shipping costs. Please convert fractions of pounds to ounces or ask for a quote. Prices are the same for the entire United States.


Thank you,

Chuck Norton

My primary email address for all honey, beeswax, and propolis is carolinabeeman@hotmail.com

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